Andriana Delaere

Andriana Delaere

Andriana Delaere, founder of Westcoast Footcare Wellness, is an LPN both experienced in the acute medical units of hospital care and long- term care nursing. She equally has enjoyed travel nursing and is looking forward to some humanitarian work in the distant future. Andriana is also in the process of becoming a diabetes educator through her collaborative efforts at the NRGH hospital.

Her journey as a child cancer survivor left her fighting to salvage her leg. This experience left her determined to share her voice and advocate for people that run the risks of losing their limbs. It is a personal journey and proven to be very purposeful work for this nurse.

Andriana is continuously pushing the envelope to educate herself and others, advocating for improvements in the wellness system, and sharing the message that footcare nursing saves lives and prevention is key! That is the legacy she wants to be known for. Make your feet a priority! Caring for your feet is a decision that will never be regretted nor questioned.

In addition to being a Licensed Practical Nurse and a Foot Care Nurse Provider, Andriana is also embarking on getting certified as a Foot Care Educator, she is currently developing her own Foot Care product line which she draws on her knowledge from her time formulating cosmetics both in New York and Japan. The foot care line will have tremendous healing properties to a plethora of foot conditions.

There are five important aspects of her life that bring Andriana a constant stream of joy: family, community, photography, surfing and riding and perfecting her equestrian skills. Nothing motivates Andriana more than to be a helping hand to anyone and everyone that needs it. It is a running joke amongst family and friends that Andriana is “obsessed with feet”

Andriana lives in gratitude and is constantly sharing her self-care regime and hygge state of mind wherever she goes. Always with a smile, she welcomes you with open arms to help you make a difference to your overall health and wellbeing in a way that combines the medical and the holistic as that is the formula that has kept her strong and vibrant!

Andriana also lets her true care shine through with her skills in reflexology, massage as well as her intuitive spirit. She strives to establish constant inspiration and see her clientele progress at their own pace. It took her two years to learn to walk again and she uses the wisdom gained in her own journey to facilitate and match her clients.
Every day is a blessing, a blessing to create new space for your own health and awakening! That is the motto Andriana lives by and inspires in others! Andriana looks forward to creating space for your healing and to advocate for your optimal health and optimal health for all. It is a team effort, and she is a team player!

When I let go of what I am. I become what I might BE.
– LAO Tzu