Your little one has arrived and everyone heads home filled with wonder and endless QUESTIONS!!! How do I breastfeed? I can’t breastfeed, what are my alternatives? Baby cries all the time, is this normal? We are exhausted, are we alone? Our naturopathic doctors work hard to support the entire family in this transition; continuing wellness care for mom and baby, providing her partner with ways to help out at home, and addressing more acute concerns that may arise such as colic or teething.

Incorporating postpartum visits are important screening care for mom and baby. During these appointments, our naturopathic doctors screen for postpartum depression, infant illnesses with a focus on prevention of disease, provide safe and effective healing medicine for perineal healing, herbal support for milk supply and treating mastitis and naturopathic alternatives for supporting postpartum depression and anxiety.

Being a parent brings upon a whole new dimension of queries; vaccinations, feeding solids or which solids are best, how do we prevent and support childhood illness. Starting with postpartum follow-up appointments sets a baseline for future well-child check ups and in mom’s health moving forward for potential future pregnancies or later health concerns. Check out the Paediatric section to see what additional services our naturopathic doctors can provide to your growing family.